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Re: Funny Things
« Reply #15 on: April 04, 2012, 09:07:15 pm »
Don't forget the scene he threatened Lit and Latvia was crying. Or Russia:'why are you so small, latvia?' *pushes Latvia down*Latvia: 'Because you always push me down. Without it I'd be at least 10 cms taller!' Russia: 'Is that so?' *stretch* xD And the meeting between Lit and Russia when Russia still was under control of the Mongols. Then when China was annoyed be the Europeans. He goes home and suddently Russia's right in front of him. Or Busby's Chair. There are a lot scenes with Russia.

Russia, my little psycho ^J^

@TEHEmmie: and what if you mention the show in your video? You don't write it in the desription or title, YT can see that, but in your video, it should be safe.