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Re: Legend Of Korra
« on: June 24, 2012, 04:05:50 pm »
what did you think the flaws where?? i think it was so quick. there should have been more of a brotherrly moment at the end before -boom- as they just announced tarlock (dont care for spelling) as a good guy, and then showed the back story, of them, it could have had more of brother moments, like at the end, allowing taarlock to fight then go with his brother. also 12 episodes for a season. come on atla had 20.
one more thing the romnce between mako and korra developed far to quickly. He just broke with whats her face then tells korra that she loves him. they should have had more on their romance. kay ramble done.
but i did like the bit when aang comes in, and tenzins brother is bomie (i was chessin about that)