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Re: Legend Of Korra
« on: June 24, 2012, 06:28:08 pm »
The finale was incredibly fast paced, I did feel like it pushed things a litte hard but it was one of the best things I have ever seen. I found it was a bit hard to get into Tarrlok and Novatak's story, just because it was pushed on us really fast, there was hardly any time to react. In reguards to there not being "brotherly" time on the ship, there is no way Tarrlok could really forgive his brother for all that he'd done, and right before he brought the ship down, Amon/Novatak knew this. His tear, that was one of the most emotional things. Amon/Novatak knew that his brother was going to do this, and yet he did nothing. He could have easily stopped his brother, and yet he didn't. But indeed we are missing a large gap of information about Amon.

Makorra honestly was no surprise, Mako had had a lot of indecision, and it was very very clear in the past few episodes that he loved Korra more than Asami. Call me biased, but I multiship almost every character in Korra. Mako was a jerk, he did stupid things, and indeed he should apologise to Asami.

Lin's sacrifice, yes, it was worth nothing. But sometimes that is how that is in war, right? Not everything goes according to plan, besides it didn't matter because everything worked out in the end.

Also, because Korra had not been taught airbending, there is no way she would instinctually know how to airbend properly. Her first reflex was to firebend, as it had been shown to be one of the elements she was most comfortable with. I thought it was fine. She also took airbending in a new direction, offensive instead of defensive, and I appreciated that.

The fact that Korra got her bending restored in the finale means that there is a huge plotline for season 2 that is crucial that she has her bending, they probably didn't want to waste time with this, especially when Aang is the only one that could restore her bending in the first place, and it probably would have just took up the same amount of time in the first episode of season 2. As a plot line for season 2 it would probably get a little boring.

Woa. Disappointing Avatar State? DUUUUUUUUUUUUDE. .______________.
How was it disappointing? Every time Aang went into the avatar state he was extremely angry or under intense pressure. In this respect Korra is more levelheaded than Aang, Aang could not control the avatar state for this reason. If Korra had Aang's impulses for the avatar state, she would have probably gone into the avatar state easily 5 times prior. Also "it's at your lowest when you are open to the greatest changes" Aang's quote before he restores her bending. Kind of self explanatory.

Eh, just my rambles on the finale.