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Chatting / Foreign Songs~
« on: April 06, 2012, 04:34:42 am »

"Boten Anna" by Basshunter
"DotA" by Basshunter
(this one might be in Russian, but I'm not sure)
"Russian Privjet" by Basshunter

Hungarian: (part of it is in Hungarian at least, it's really pretty~)
"What About My Dreams" by ? (It was the Hungarian Euro-vision entry one year...that's all I know. I got it from 4shared. xD)

Japanese: (my ultimate favorites, because I love a /lot/ of Japanese music)
"Pub & Go!" by England
"Diver" and "Hologram" by Nico Touches the Walls
"Alice of Human Sacrafice" by The Vocaloids (multiple ones)
and of course "World is Mine" by Miku Hatsune

(sorry if I repeated any on your list, I couldn't go back and check once I started to type in all of these and I couldn't remember all of what you wrote down.)

About Me / About Me ^^''
« on: April 02, 2012, 07:42:03 pm »
Hello! :) My name is Charlotte and I'm 15, hailing from America. :D
Um, I really like all types of music, from My Chemical Romance to Adam Lambert to 3OH!3 and Basshunter. xD I even like a classical song. Only one though. xD I'm sort of a mixture between a stereotypical anime fan and a nerd, really. xD I also use the emoticon xD way to much~ I tend to be a bit of a spelling freak. I'm one of those people that only watched one anime's at a time, and are obsessed with them for a long time. Before hetalia it was Naruto, and then InuYasha. I've started editing with Naruto recently, and I may with other anime's in the future, too. :) Um, I sort of discovered editing by accident, really. I downloaded the SV trial to make a thanks for 150 sub video on my other account, and it just kept going from there. xD

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