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Non-Opinionated MEP's
« on: December 16, 2011, 02:31:37 pm »
-Ever so often me and My sister have decided that we would do a MEP that you can't refuse. You will sometimes be able to pick your parts, but sometimes you will get what you are givin.
-Obviously you's won't enjoy that as much as, you won't like the song, so if you P.Med me on a song that you would like us to do without the idea of rejecting.
-To do that obviously you would have to fill in a questionaire that you would P.M us and don't right it here
1) What song would you like to do?
2)Who is the artist?
3)What was your inspiration for wanting to do this as a 'can't refuse MEP'?
4) Is there any specific rules eg only Cartoon/Anime or Live action only?
5) Any other rules that may be involved?
6) would you like for people to pick there parts or is it CartoonInvasion have this part.?
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